I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a variety of creative and talented people, including:

Pablo AmiraAndi GladwinDanny Orleans
Gene AndersonJohn GrahamSteven Palmer
Homer ArcanaCharles Greene, IIIMyke Phillips
Danny ArcherHelder GuimaraesEtienne Pradier
Nikola ArkaneAlex HansfordJose Prager
Perseus ArkomanisWill HoustounWilliam Rader
Simon AronsonJoshua JayCharlie Randall
Matt BakerLuke JermayPatrick Redford
John BannonJheffRory Rennick
Steve BeamScott KahnSteve Reynolds
Phedon BilekTodd KarrEric Richardson
Martin BreeseWilliam KalushChester Sass
John CarneyRichard KaufmanChristian Scherer
Mark ChandaueJim KleefeldRyan Schlutz
Magic ChristianKenton KnepperRicky Smith
Dee ChristopherJozsef KovacsDavid Solomon
Steve CohenDuane LaflinJamy Ian Swiss
Ben DaggersAlex Le FanuTC Tahoe
Peter DuffieJonathan LevitSteve Thompson
Benjamin EarlMartin LewisPeter Turner
Doc EasonJohn LovickBoyet Vargas
Gabe FajuriRyan MatneyLuca Volpe
Bob FarmerMatt MelloRichard Webster
John FisherYigal MesikaCaleb Wiles
Jonathan FriedmanStephen MinchAsi Wind
Tom GagnonMichael MurrayZee J. Yan
Roberto GiobbiChristoph-Golo NaitoMeir Yedid
Alain NuRob Zabrecky
Michael O’Brien
Harapan Ong

Why let me help you with your proofreading? See what my other customers are saying:

Stephen Minch – “Mike Vance is one of the sharpest, most knowledgeable proofreaders I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He even knows that the previous sentence is grammatically correct.”

Andi Gladwin – “Mike Vance is one of Vanishing Inc.’s secret weapons. He proofreads almost everything we release, and our products are considerably better for his involvement.”

Richard Webster – “I wouldn’t dream of producing a book for the magic market without Mike Vance’s help. He is an expert editor and proofreader, a knowledgeable magician, and a friendly person to deal with. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Joshua Jay – “Mike Vance has a keen sense of how to make magic instruction clearer and more enjoyable. He reads all my work before I publish.”

Gabe Fajuri – “Mike makes books better. He’s sharp-eyed, on time, and right on the money.”

Peter Duffie – “As a proofreader, Mike Vance is fast, efficient, and maintains excellent communication throughout. It is said that behind every good writer is an even better editor. So, if you want to be seen as a good writer, get Mike Vance to proofread your next book.”

Martin Breese – “It takes a special kind of person to be a proofreader, and it takes a very, very special person to be someone capable of proofreading and editing magic manuscripts. Many magical authors are not really capable of stringing words together, but they become magic stars once a skilled editor and proofreader like Mike Vance gets to work on what they have written. Mike Vance is fast, efficient, dedicated and brilliant! It is great working with Mike Vance. I am truly grateful for the work he has done for me.”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com